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America is in the midst of a major opioid crisis and the problems it is causing are far-reaching.

Nevada has one of the highest drug overdose mortality rates in the United States, so this epidemic impacts friends, family and community making it even more personal to Nevadans.

Helios is the first laboratory dedicated to making the community better by fighting the opioid crisis from the front lines. We founded Helios with a commitment to become a Community Partner and wrote into our corporate charter that a percentage of our income will be given to the local community every year to assist those affected by drug abuse and opioid addiction.


America’s drug overdose mortality rate is steadily increasing year over year.

In 2016, there were 63,632 overdose deaths reported – 66.4% of which were opioid related. Though the total number of prescription opioid overdoses is stabilizing, there is an alarming increase in deaths caused by other opioids such as heroin and synthetic opioids, which include fentanyl.

In Nevada, the number of deaths from synthetic opioids other than Methadone increased 54.5% in one year between 2015 and 2016 (the last full year of available reporting).

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, so we can all expect to feel its impact unless we find ways to control and slow the tide of abuse.

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Searching for a Solution

In January 2018, Nevada Assembly Bill 474 (AB474) was written into law. This bill was designed to enhance the reporting of drug overdoses, create more controls on the prescribing of restricted substances, more efficiently track those prescriptions and to allow for disciplinary action for practitioners not meeting the required minimum standards concerning the prescription of controlled substances.

Patients, doctors and legislators are all searching for a solution to this crisis, but the current landscape after the inception of AB 474 is sometimes confusing and complex. Helios is a locally owned and operated Laboratory specializing in Urine Drug Monitoring and Controlled Substance Compliance Programs.

Our team is made up of Pain Specialty Physicians and former medical office management with first hand, long-term, ongoing experience managing pain patients on chronic opioids. We understand all of the current rules and statutes in Nevada and we pass this experience along to medical practices all across Northern Nevada. We help medical professionals feel more support and ultimately more confidence when safely prescribing opioids or alternative treatments to patients suffering from chronic pain.


Change Happens at the Core

This is a complicated problem and we believe the impact of our community coming together and working to address the shortcomings of treatment, patient expectations and legislation will have a profound impact on the safety and health of our community as a whole. This is why Helios is also focused on educating patients on treatment expectations, providing financial support for local non-profits and lending additional support to existing community and task force initiatives to reach the State’s goal of a significant reduction in opioid abuse.

As concerned long-term Northern Nevada residents we started this company to prove change happens at the core and we endeavor to prove this through our actions and our financial partnership with the Northern Nevada community.

Join us.

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